Sascha Johnson and Kiva Dawson are pleased to announce our business partnership of “S&K Dances For All,” (Under The BunsOut® by Kiva Umbrella)  Your one stop shopping for specialized, tailored and cost effective movement coaching for any and all special events. We are happy to discuss with your party planner or with you directly to create movement based on your vision. We have worked with Soon to be Married Couples as well as private Bridal Parties seeking an hour or more of fun and joyous movement to bring to the dance floor or simply for adding to the pre-wedding bonding of friends. As long-time friends and Mothers, we know how important it is if you are on a budget as well as both having our own kids, and working with kids for their parties and special school events. We have both been involved in flash-mobs as well as working with all ages and groups with a myriad of needs. We are accommodating, inclusive, patient and enthusiastic to work with you privately or in a small group for all your movement desires. We can design dances that are at your comfort level and most importantly that feels authentic and natural.

Please feel free to look at descriptions of classes already on the menu as well as knowing with over 20 years of Professional Dance and Teaching Experience we will do all we can to give you what you want! We also love to “pay it forward” so if you are looking for other Party Planning Services, Make-up, Styling and much more, we are fortunate to know so many of our peers who are exceptional and are happy to share the love!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!