BunsOut® by Kiva is a ballet based, low-impact, cardio workout appropriate for all levels. We will strengthen, stretch and move fluidly to various genres of music in an easy to follow along approach.

This class will challenge your core, calves, glutes, balance and brain as we incorporate true ballet vocabulary and variations in a non-intimidating, fully inclusive and fun way! Ballet Shoes not required. Barefoot is best. ALL levels welcomed and encouraged.

BunsOut® Burlesque

BunsOut® Burlesque by Kiva builds on the BunsOut® Workout, while incorporating a chair as a “partner/prop.” This class will encourage you to get in touch with your inner Gypsy Rose Lee, while having fun in a safe, supportive environment. BunsOut® Burlesque will challenge your balance, core, calves and glutes, not to mention your inhibitions. Various genres of music will be played, with a focus on fluid, organic movement originated by YOU.

Custom BunsOut®

Goth Barre-BunsOut® with total request Goth/Alternative playlist.

Rock Barre- BunsOut® with total request Rock & Roll.

BunsOut® for Kids is age appropriate music and themes for birthday parties or special events. More information available upon request.


LaBlast® is a perfect balance between dance and fitness. The workout is in disguise while you learn dances like the Disco, Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, Paso Doble, Samba, and many more. No partner needed! During LaBlast® classes all music is used, from every artist, every, genre, and every era. Are you ready to have a blast? Let’s LaBlast®!

For more info on LaBlast® please visit https://lablastfitness.com